The Dark Side of Hawaii

Water is a symbol of power. It can free us or claim us. The ocean represents strength, life, mystery, hope, and truth.  In our dreams and subconscious, water embodies the realm of imagination, creation and destruction.  In The Dark Side of Hawaii, I pursue my interest in observing and capturing light at night and experiencing and recording the spontaneity of the moment—in this case, Hawaii, where the ocean and water dominate island life.  Here, the constraints of available night light alter the image from its daytime potential, allowing my intuition and imagination to mesh with my experience.  Each image sets in motion a journey, presenting questions with many possible answers amid an aura of mystery and perhaps danger from the unknown, concealed by the dark.  These visual hints and suggestions allow us to create our own stories.  After all, Hawaii is not just about the sunshine.

Four Haikus accompany this series. I wrote them as companions to the photographs, to appear between or next to the images. I selected the Japanese Haiku form of poetry for its conciseness and connection to nature.    

Day transforms to night
Wrapped in sweet shy sounds drifting  
Palpable to some

 Luminous nightfall
Brought on the wings of eagles
Envelops my soul

Sleek wave-offering
Where a cloud of glory rests
Lifts to cleanse my heart

Dreams of soft twilight 
You have been for us as eyes
Upon our journey