We all have our secrets. They can free us or claim us; represent mystery or concealment.  Like it or not, every one of our photographs reveals something secretive about ourselves, peeling a layer off the veneer we present. My interest with my camera, is to observe and record the spontaneity of the moment, while allowing my imagination and intuition to mesh with the experience.  Photographs present questions with many possible conclusions.

All creation requires some element of destruction.  When we fill an empty space with imagery, that emptiness no longer exists. Every seed is destroyed when it cracks to sprout a plant. It begins its life in darkness.  Likewise, one’s own secrets can release us; once revealed with care, with circumspection, so as not to hurt others, they evaporate, making room for personal expansion, our wings, our germination, releasing our potential like a bird freed from a cage, the very secret of our success.