Witch of Kodakery: The Photography of Myra Albert Wiggins

Washington State University Press

The extraordinary biography of a photographer, painter, and poet who influenced the artistic development of photography at the turn of the 20th century

Myra Albert Wiggins, a successful early-20th century Oregon photographic artist and member of Alfred Stieglitz's elite Photo-Secession group, embodied the ideal of the "new woman"—independent, energetic, and ambitious—as depicted by the Eastman Kodak Company's Kodak Girl. Her award-winning photographs, many reminiscent of paintings by the Old Dutch Masters, were exhibited across the United States and Europe. Her biography includes reproductions of her stunning artwork and insights into the Pacific Northwest art community at the dawn of the 1900s.


A significant contribution...It not only thoroughly chronicles the life of an important regional photographer, it also provides many insights into the development of fine art photography on the national and international level. 
~Susan Seyl, Photographs LIbrarian, Oregon History Center

Worthy of an exalted display is Carole Glauber’s well-researched volume on one of the semi-forgotten stars of photography. Like a fine page turner of a novel, Glauber’s ‘herstory’ works on several levels. In an attractive balance of text and visuals, the author provides a first-time biography of an Oregon woman who became known as ‘the Dean of Northwest Painters.’ Concurrently, Glauber offers a personalized social history of the West as well as the arts and media.
~Writers Northwest

Hollyhocks, Myra Albert Wiggins, 1910

Hollyhocks, Myra Albert Wiggins, 1910

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