About Carole Glauber

I  am grateful to be an internationally exhibiting photographer with experience in many realms. I am probably one of the few photographers who is also a published photo historian, a confluence that influences the photographs I make. In recent years, I was a prize winner in the Pollux Awards,  twice a finalist for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and received honorable mentions at the Soho Photo Gallery International Krappy Kamera Competition and the Lightbox Photo Gallery while also exhibiting my work at ValidFoto Gallery in Barcelona, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, and the Center for Fine Art Photography, Blue Sky Gallery, ASmith Gallery, RayKo Photo Center, and PhotoPlace Gallery in the United States. I am the recipient of the Peter E. Palmquist Photographic History Research Fellowship, a Winterthur Museum Fellowship, an Oregon Humanities Research Fellowship and grants from the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, Regional Arts and Culture Council, and Northwest Womens HistoryProject. My book about Myra Albert Wiggins and many published articles reflect my research in early women photographers, along with the occasional interview and book review.

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