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Eyes of The Earth: Lily White, Sarah Ladd, and the Oregon Camera Club
A Look At the Veracious Chronicles of the Cliff Cottage Club  
Lily E White (1866-1944) (The Oregon Encyclopedia)
Interview with Michael Kenna. (
Photo Review)

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Lillian Bassman
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Pioneer Photographers of the Far West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865

Unlinked Articles:
Carole Glauber, Isabella Bird Bishop: Korea, the Yangtze Valley, and Beyond, Photo Review, Summer 2002.
Carole Glauber, Songs of a Pagan: A Study of Anne Brigman’s Poetry, Photo Review, Spring 2000.
Glauber, Carole. "Myra Albert Wiggins: Arts and Crafts Photographer", Style 1900, May 1999.
Glauber, Carole. "A Wandering Lens - Myra Albert Wiggins: Photographer, Artist and Mentor", Artifact Magazine, March/April 1996.